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2019-08-01 Ref-erences (new References 62, 63, 64, 65), EPG-intro (new reference) addition
2019-07-04 5P-s-P5, 6P-s-P1, 7P-s-P1 (special Schmidt Points) new
2019-06-26 QL-P24 (new property) addition
2019-06-02 nP-n-Luc1, nL-n-Luc4 (preservation collinearity by Stanley Rabinowitz and Vu Thanh Tung) addition
2019-03-30 QA-P3, Ref-erences (new Reference 61) addition
2018-11-23 QA-Tf16 (QA-Keizer-Schmidt Conjugate) new
2018-11-15 5P-s-P4 (new 5P-Center), 8L-s-L1 (new 8L-line) both from Bernard Keizer and Eckart Schmidt new
2018-06-24 QA-Tf10, QA-Tf11, QL-Tf10, QL-Tf11 (addition DT-coordinates), QL-Qu2 (new property) addition
2018-05-08 QA-Tf15 (P-Circumscribed Conic Center) new
2018-05-08 5P-s-P3 (5P-Quang Duong's Point) new
2018-05-06 QG-2Cu1 (addition DT-equation) addition
2018-05-06 QG-2P6 (Outer and Inner Van Aubel Points) new
2018-05-06 QL-Ci4, QL-Ci5, QL-Co2, QL-Tf2, QL-Tf6 (each 1 new property), QL-Tf2 (2 new properties) addition
2018-05-06 QA-Tf3 (4 new properties), QA-Tf6 (new property), QA-Co4 (2 new properties) addition
2018-05-05 QA-Tf14 (QA-Orthotransversal Point) new
2018-05-04 nP-e-Tf1, nP-e-Tf2nP-o-Tf1, nP-o-Tf2nP-o-Tf3, nP-o-Tf4 (even and odd nP-(Anti-)Pedal Items) new
2018-05-04 QA-Tf12, QA-Tf13 (QA-Pedal and QA-AntiPedal Point) new
2018-04-08 INFORMATION ON CONIC SECTIONS: CO-P1, CO-Ci1, CO-Ci2, CO-Tf1, CO-Tf2, CO-Tf3    new
2018-03-03 nL-n-Ci2 (Adjustment Correspondence paragraph) addition
2018-02-28 nL-n-Ci1 (Adjustment Correspondence paragraph) addition