QL-3: List of parallel QL-Lines

In next list all QL-points are mentioned without prefix “QL-”.
All lines relating to QL-P1 till QL-P26 have been taken into account.
When lines have more than 2 points on it, they are defined by the 2 points with lowest serial number.
These QL-lines are parallel:
                                                                              Railway Watcher (see QL-L-1)
        P1.P7     // P2.P10                                                    P16
        P1.P11   // P9.P16                                                     P10
        P2.P3   // P5.P7                                                        P4
        P2.P5    // P4.P20 // P6.P22                                 P4+P20, P2+P5, P3
        P2.P20 // P3.P4                                                                  
        P7.P21  // P19.P20                                                  P1
        P9.P17  // P11.P25                                                   P10
        P9.P25 // P10.P17                                                   


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