QG-2: List of QG-Lines

In next list all lines are mentioned with at least one QG-point and additional at least 2 other QG-/QA-/QL-points on it.
All lines with points in the range QG-P1QG-P13 and QA-P1 - QA-P36 and QL-P1 - QL-P26 have been taken into account.
The set of combination lines with QG-points, QA-points as well as QL-points on it (inter quadri-cross lines) are mostly found by Eckart Schmidt (July 2012) and the set may not be exhaustive.

QG-P1, QG-P3, QL-P8                    
QG-P1, QG-P4, QG-P8, QG-P15QA-P1                                                                   = QG-L3
QG-P1, QG-P12, QG-P13, QA-P16 , QL-P13                                                           = QG-L2
QG-P1, QA-P3, QL-P1    *)
QG-P4, QG-P5, QG-P6, QG-P7                                                                                  = QG-L4
QG-P7, QG-P9, QA-P1                                                                                               // QL-P2.QL-P7
QG-P8, QG-P9, QG-P10, QG-P11                                                                             = QG-L5
QG-P10, QA-P14 , QL-P2, QL-P10                                                                           = QL-L6
*) The collinearity of QG-P1, QA-P3 and QL-P1 is discussed at Ref-34, QFG-messages #2987, #2989, #2990, #2992, #3000, #3009, #3011, #3027, #3029 and proven synthetically at Ref-60, page 150 (O ~ QA-P3, R ~ QG-P1, Mr ~ QL-P1).


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