QA-L9: Perpendicular Bisector of QA-P2.QA-P4

QA-L9 is the Perpendicular Bisector of line segment QA-P2.QA-P4.
This line is briefly mentioned in Ref-34, EQF #135.
1st CT-Coefficient of QA-L9:
c2 p q (p + r) (q + r) - (p + q) r (a2 q (p + r) - b2 p (q + r))
1st CT-coordinate Infinity point QA-L9:
2 p (q + r) (c2 p q - b2 p r - b2 q r + c2 q r)
1st DT-Coefficient of QA-L9:
a2 / p2
1st DT-coordinate Infinity point QA-L9:
            p2 (c q - b r) (c q + b r)




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