QA-L2: QA-P2-P4-P6 Line

The QA-L2-line is the line through QA-P2 (Euler-Poncelet Point) and QA-P4 (Isogonal Center). QA-P6 (Parabola Axes Crosspoint) also lies on this line and is their Midpoint. The expression of the line is not a simple one.

1st CT-coefficient:
   b2 p r2 (SA p - SB q)   ((b2 - a2) p q + b2 p r - a2 q r)   (b2 p r + (b2 - a2) p q + (b2 - c2) q r - 2 SB q2)

- c2 p q (SA p - SC r)   ((c2 - a2) p r + c2 p q - a2 q r)    (c2 p q + (c2 - a2) p r  + (c2 - b2) q r - 2 SC r2)

1st DT-coefficient:
           (c2 q2-b2 r2
           (-a2 p2 (c4 q4+b4 r4) + (b4 p4+a4 q4) r2 SB + q2 (c4 p4+a4 r4) SC + 2 a2 p2 q2 r2 (SA2-SB SC))


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