QA-4: List of perpendicular QA-Lines

In next list all QA-points are mentioned without prefix “QA-”.
All lines in the range QA-P1 - QA-P34 have been taken into account.
When lines have more than 2 points, they are defined by the 2 points with lowest serial number.
It is remarkable that there are hardly point-to-point QA-lines perpendicular !
Apparently because all QA-points (except QA-P12) have been constructed without using perpendicular lines.
The only perpendicular settings in a Quadrangle are:
        QA-L2 _|_ QA-L9 (per definition)
        QA-Cu7 (QA-Quasi Isogonal Cubic)-asymptote _|_ P1.P32 // P2.P4 // P7.P8 // P12.P24.
        5th point tangent QA-P2 (see QA-Tf9) also _|_ P1.P32 // P2.P4 // P7.P8 // P12.P24.
        QA-Co2 (QA-Orthogonal Hyperbola) has 2 perpendicular asymptotes.
        QA-Co4 (QA-DT-P3-P12 Orthogonal Hyperbola) has 2 perpendicular asymptotes.
        F1.F2 _|_ P4.P12 // P6.P36 // P13.P28,
   where F1 and F2 are the foci of the 2 QA-Parabolas (QA-2Co1).
   With special property that P4.P12 = 2 * P6.P36 = 4 * P13.P28.
When we are looking for perpendicular lines between QA-points and also include QG-points, then there are plenty of perpendicular lines. See QG-4.

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