QA-2: List of QA-Lines

In next list all QA-points are mentioned without prefix “QA-”.
All lines in the range QA-P1 - QA-P34 have been taken into account.
When lines have more than 2 points on it, they are defined by the 2 points with lowest serial number.
These QA-lines are described further with their properties:
        QA-L1:  P1, P2, P3, P34
        QA-L2:  P2, P4, P6
        QA-L3:  P1, P5, P10, P18, P20, P22, P25, P26 (Centroids Line)
        QA-L4:  P1, P6, P23
        QA-L5:   P10, P11, P12, P13 (QA-DT -Euler Line)
        QA-L6:  P1, P15 (Newton-Morley Line)
Other QA-Lines without name but with at least 3 Points on it:
        P1, P4, P7
        P1, P14, P24
        P1, P16, P21
        P1, P32, P33
        P2, P10, P29
        P2, P11, P30
        P3, P20, P29
        P4, P8, P23, P32
        P4, P10, P28
        P5, P17, P19, P21
        P5, P29, P34
        P6, P28, P29
        P10, P16, P19, P31
        P12, P14, P33
        P12, P29, P30
        P20, P21, P31

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