nL-n-P4: nL-Morley's 2nd Orthocenter
Morley’s 2nd Orthocenter is described by Morley as the common point of the perpendiculars (Level-up Construction nL-n-Luc1) from the n points nL-n-P5 of the Component m-Lines to the omitted line of the Reference n-Line.
Morley uses the letter “h” for this point in Ref-49.

nL nP4 Figure 01

Correspondence with ETC/EQF:

When n=3, then nL-n-P4 = X(4).
When n=4, then nL-n-P4 = QL-P2.

nL-n-P4 is also the External Homothetic Center of nL-n-Ci1 & nL-n-Ci2. See Ref-49.