nL-n-P14: nL-QL-P29 Par1/Par2-Homothetic Center

nL-n-P14 is the Par1/Par2-Homothetic Center (nL-n-Luc5e) of mL-n-P14, where m=(n-1).

This recursive construction can be rolled up to increasing larger values of n.
Starting value for n is 4, where 4L-n-P14=QL-P29.
See also general remarks and construction at nL-n-P12.

Example of 5L-n-P14:
5L n P14 HC QLP29 points 01
Example of 5L-n-P14 in relationship to 5L-s-P10:
5L n P14 HC QLP29 points 03
Note: the Homothetic Center of Par2 and Per2 is the InfinityPoint of 5L-n-P14.5L-s-P10.

Correspondence with ETC/EQF:

In a 3-Line:
          Any 3L-Par1/Par2-predecessor ?
In a 4-Line:
          4L-n-P14 = QL-P29


• In a 5-Line 5L-n-P14 = 5L-n-P7. 5L-n-P5 (2:-1)
• It looks like that for all n the lengths of the line segments of Par1 are equal to the corresponding line segments of Par2 as well as Per2.