7L-s-Ci1: 7L-Conical Triplet Circle

7L-s-Ci1 is the circumcircle of the 7L-Conical Triplet Points 7L-s-3P1.
7L-s-Ci1 is hierarchically derived as follows:
• in a 5-Line there is the center of the inscribed conic 5L-s-P1,
• in a 6-Line the 6 versions of 5L-s-P1 lie on a conic 6L-s-Co1,
• in a 7-Line the 7 versions of 6L-s-Co1 have 3 common points defining circumcircle 7L-s-Ci1.
 7L s Ci1 Conical Triplet Circle 02

• In an 8-Line the 8 versions of 7L-s-Ci1 are concurrent in one point 8L-s-P1.