5L-s-L3: 5L-PAP Miquel Points Line

This line was contributed by Eckart Schmidt.
PAP stands for “Parabola Axes Pentalateral”.
Consider the 5-Line of the QL-Co1-axes (Axis of the Quadrilateral Inscribed Parabola) of the QL-components:
• The Miquel Points of the QL-Components of this 5L are collinear on 5L-s-L3.
• The point 5L-n-P3 of this 5-Line is also a point on this line.
• The points 5L-n-P1 and 5L-n-P3 of this 5-Line are the same.
See also Ref-34, QFG#748.

5L s L3 PAP MiquelPointsLine 01