5L-s-L1: 5L-Miquel Line

A 5-Line contains 5 Quadrilaterals also called 4-Lines (by Morley).
Each 5-Line has 5 Component 4-Lines.
1. So a 5-Line has 5 versions of 4L-n-P1: Miquel Points (QL-P1).
    They are concentric on 5L-o-Ci1 and their center is 5L-o-P2.
2. And a 5-Line has 5 versions of 4L-n-P3: Miquel Circumcenters (QL-P4).
    They are concentric on 5L-n-Ci1 and their center is 5L-n-P3.
3. And a 5-Line has 5 versions of 4L-n-Ci1: Miquel Circles (QL-Ci3).
    They have one common point 5L-n-P1.
5L-o-P2, 5L-n-P3 and 5L-n-P1 are collinear on 5L-s-L1. See also Ref-34, QFG#710.
This collinearity is not a general property and only valid in a 5-Line and for example not in a 7-Line.

5L s L1 Miquel Line 01