6G-s-P1 1st 6G-Hung’s Point

Let Ai, i = 1..6, be six random points.
Taking subscripts modulo 6, we denote, for i = 1.. 6,
* the intersection of the lines AiA(i+1) and A_(i+2)A_(i+3) by B_(i+3),
* the 2nd intersection of the circumcircles of triangles
AiA(i+1)B(i+2) and A(i+1)A(i+2)B(i+3) by C(i+1),
* the circumcenter of the triangle CiB(i+1)B(i+2) by Di.
The lines D1D4, D2D5, and D3D6 are concurrent.
This 6G-point was found by Tran Quang Hung. See Ref-34, QFG#3650.

6G s P1 Tran Quang Hung's Point 01