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Note: Since 2024 the official site of Forum Geometricorum was closed.
Copies can now be found at:

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See note at [4].

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See note at [4].

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[11] Hyacinthos, Internet forum for discussion on Triangle Geometry.
1. This former Yahoo-forum was closed at December 2019.
The archive is available at:
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2. A file with all messages can be downloaded at this page:
There also was a Yahoo-forum named Anopolis. This forum also was closed December 2019.
Unfortunately there is no more online program for viewing messages. However many of the Anopolis-messages also were placed in Hyacinthos, but not all of them.

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* (Complete) Quadrangle
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* Crossdifference
* Cyclocevian Conjugate
* Euler Triangle
* Gauss-Bodenmiller Theorem
* First/Second/Third Morley Triangle
* Harmonic Conjugate
* Isoconjugation
* Isotomic Transversal
* Miquel's Pentagram Theorem
* Nine-point Circle
* Orthologic Triangles
* Orthopole
* Petr-Neumann-Douglas Theorem
* Pivotal Isocubic 
* Pivotal Isogonal cubic
* Polar
* Trilinear Pole
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* Van Aubel's Theorem
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See note at [4].

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See note at [4].

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See note at [4].
[33] Anopolis, Internet forum for discussions on Elementary Geometry,
This former Yahoo-forum was closed at December 2019.
Unfortunately there is no more online program for viewing messages.
However many of the Anopolis-messages also were placed in Hyacinthos (see [11]), but not all of them.
[34] Quadri-Figures-Group, Internet forum for discussions on topics related to Quadrilaterals, Quadrangles, etc.
This former Yahoo-forum was closed at December 2019.
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[50] Advanced Plane Geometry, an Internet forum for discussions on Advanced Plane Geometry,
This former Yahoo-forum was closed at December 2019.
1. The archive is available at:
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2. A file with all messages can be downloaded at this page:

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