nL-n-Cv2: nL-Morley’s Limacon

nL-Morley’s Limacon is described by Morley in Ref-48, On the metric geometry of the plane n-line.

Whilst nL-n-Cv1 is circumscribing (n-1)L-EnnaCardioids this curve is circumscribing the (n-1)L-Centercircles.
It can be constructed as the locus of nL-n-P1 reflected in the tangents at the Centercircle nL-n-Ci1.
More detailed this Limacon is described by Eckart Schmidt in Ref-34, QFG-messages #918, #919.
Following is an example of Morley’s Limacon in a 5-Line.
5L n Cv2 MorleysLimacon 02

Correspondence with ETC/EQF:

When n=4, then nL-n-Cv2 = QL-Qu1.