6L-s-P2: 6L-Conical Ref/Par2 Homothetic Center

In a 6-Line we have 6 Component 5-Lines.
When constructing 6 times the Inscribed Conic Centers (5L-s-P1) of the Component 5-Lines we get Ce1, … , Ce6. By drawing lines through these centers parallel to the omitted line (not used line of the 5-Line in the 6-Line) we get a 6-Line called 6L-Par1. Doing the same procedure for 6L-Par1 instead of the reference 6-Line we get a 2nd generation 6-Line 6L-Par2. 6L-Par2 is homothetic with the reference 6-Line 6L-Ref, giving rise to a Homothetic Center 6L-s-P2.
6L s P2 Conical HCPar2 Point 01
• The points
6L-s-P2 (6L-Conical Ref/Par2 Homothetic Center),
6L-s-P3 (6L-Conical Ref/Per2 Homothetic Center) and
6L-s-P4 (6L-Conical Par/-Per2 Homothetic Center) are collinear.