nG-n-L1 nG-Centroids Line

Consider a reference n-Gon P1...Pn and following points on the sides:
• Qi divides PiPi+1 with ratio r,
• Ri divides Pi Pi-1 with ratio r.
The sidelines QiRi form a second n-gon.
nG-n-L1 is the locus of nP-n-P1 of the second n-Gon with variable r and is a line through nP-n-P1 of the reference n-Gon. The point nP-n-P1 of the second n-Gon coincides with nP-n-P1 of the reference n-Gon when r= ½.
This a generalization of QG-L3 and brought to light by Eckart Schmidt. See Ref-66, QPG#497.

6G n L1 6G Centroids Line 02