nL - OBJECTS  (Objects in an n-Lateral)

nL  General Information
nL-1  Systematics for describing nL-Centers

nL-n  General recursive Objects in an n-Line

nL-n-P General Centers in an n-Line
nL-n-P1   nL-Centric Focus
nL-n-P2   nL-Morley Centroid
nL-n-P3   nL-Morley's Circumcenter / Centric Center
nL-n-P4   nL-Morley's 2nd Orthocenter
nL-n-P5    nL-Morley's 2nd Circle Center
nL-n-P6    nL-Least Squares Distances Point
nL-n-P7    nL-Hervey Point
nL-n-P8    nL-MVP Centroid
nL-n-P9    nL-MVP Circumcenter
nL-n-P10  nL-MVP Orthocenter
nL-n-P11   nL-MVP Nine-point Center
nL-n-P12   nL-QL-P4 Par1/Par2 Homothetic Center
nL-n-P13   nL-QL-P28 Par1/Par2 Homothetic Center
nL-n-P14   nL-QL-P29 Par1/Par2 Homothetic Center
nL-n-pi      nL-Morley's intermediate recursive pi points
nL-n-gi      nL-Morley's intermediate recursive gi points

nL-n-L General Lines in an n-Line
nL-n-L1   nL-Morley's Eulerline
nL-n-L2   nL-MVP Eulerline
nL-n-iL1  nL-Morley's Axes

nL-n-Ci General Circles in an n-Line
nL-n-Ci1   nL-Center Circle
nL-n-Ci2   nL-Second Circle

nL-n-Cv General Curves in an n-Line
nL-n-Cv1   nL-Morley's Mono EnnaCardioid
nL-n-iCv1  nL-Morley's Multiple EnnaCardioids
nL-n-Cv2   nL-Morley's Limacon

nL-n-Tf General Transformations in an n-Line
nL-n-Tf1   nL-Orthopole
nL-n-Tf2   nL-Orthopolar
nL-n-Tf3   nL-2nd generation Orthopole
nL-n-Tf4   nL-2nd generation Orthopolar

nL-n-Luc  Level-up Constructions in an n-Line
nL-n-Luc-1    Level-up Constructions
nL-n-Luc1     nL-Common Point of Perpendiculars on Omitted line
nL-n-Luc2     nL-Common Point of Perpendicular Bisectors
nL-n-Luc3     nL-Sum of Vectors Point
nL-n-Luc4     nL-Mean Vector Point
nL-n-Luc5     nL-Per/Par Constructions

nL-e  Even recursive Objects in an n-Line
nL-e-P1    nL-Morley's EnnaDeltoid Center
nL-e-P2    nL-Clifford's Point
nL-e-L1    nL-Morley's Ortho Directrix
nL-e-L2    nL-Morley's Alternate Line of Orthocenters
nL-e-Cv1   nL-Morley's Inscribed EnnaDeltoid

nL-o  Odd recursive Objects in an n-Line
nL-o-P1     nL-Morley's 1st Orthocenter
nL-o-P2     nL-Clifford's Circle Center
nL-o-L1     nL-Line of Inscribed EnnaDeltoid Centers
nL-o-L2     nL-Morley's Line of Orthocenters
nL-o-Ci1    nL-Clifford's Circle
nL-o-2L1   nL-Orthogonal Ortho Axes

Ref-xx: References

nL-s   Specific Objects in an n-Line

5L-s-P Specific Centers in a 5-Line / Pentalateral
5L-s-P1     5L-Inscribed Conic Center
5L-s-P2     5L-X(186)-Hofstadter Point
5L-s-P3     5L-X(265)-Hofstadter Point
5L-s-P4     5L-Center of the Anticenter Circle
5L-s-P5     5L-OH- Division Point
5L-s-P6     5L-QL-P3    Par1/Par2 Homothetic Center
5L-s-P7     5L-QL-P20 Par1/Par2 Homothetic Center
5L-s-P8     5L-QL-P27 Ref/Par1/Par2 Homothetic Center
5L-s-P9     5L-QL-P28 Par1/Per2 Homothetic Center
5L-s-P10   5L-QL-P29 Par1/Per2 Homothetic Center

5L-s-L Specific Lines in a 5-Line / Pentalateral
5L-s-L1     5L-Newton Line
5L-s-L2    5L-Isoconjugate Line
5L-s-L3    5L-PAP Miquel Points Line

5L-s-Co Specific Conics in a 5-Line / Pentalateral
5L-s-Co1   5L-Inscribed Conic

5L-s-Tf Specific Transformations in a 5-Line / Pentalateral
5L-s-Tf1    5L-Schmidt Transformation

6L-s-P  Specific Centers in a 6-Line / Hexalateral
6L-s-P1     6L-Conical Center
6L-s-P2     6L-Conical Ref/Par2 Homothetic Center
6L-s-P3     6L-Conical Ref/Per2 Homothetic Center
6L-s-P4     6L-ConicalPar2/Per2 Homothetic Center

6L-s-Co Specific Conics in a 6-Line / Hexalateral
6L-s-Co1    6L-Conical Center Conic

6L-s-Tf Specific Transformations in a 6-Line / Hexalateral
6L-s-Tf1     6L-Schmidt Transformation

7L-s-P   Specific Centers in a 7-Line / Heptalateral
7L-s-3P1    7L-Conical Triplet Points

7L-s-Ci  Specific Circle in a 7-Line / Heptalateral
7L-s-Ci1    7L-Conical Triplet Circle

8L-s-P   Specific Centers in an 8-Line / Octalateral
8L-s-P1      8L-Conical Center