nP - OBJECTS  (Objects in an n-Angle)

nP  General Information
nP-1  Systematics for describing nP-Centers

nP-n  General recursive Objects in an n-Point

nP-n-P General Centers in an n-Point
nP-n-P1   nP-MVP Centroid
nP-n-P2   nP-MVP Circumcenter
nP-n-P3   nP-MVP Orthocenter
nP-n-P4   nP-MVP Nine-point Center

nP-n-L General Lines in an n-Point
nP-n-L1   nP-MVP-Eulerline
nP-n-L2   nP-LSD-Line

nP-n-Luc General Level-up Constructions in an n-Point
nP-n-Luc1   nP-Mean Vector Point

Ref-xx: References

nP-s   Specific Objects in an n-Point

5P-s-P Specific Centers in a 5-Point / Pentangle
5P-s-P1   5P-Circumscribed Conic Center
5P-s-P2   5P-Involutary Center

5P-s-Co Specific Conics in a 5-Point / Pentangle
5P-s-Co1   5P-Circumscribed Conic

5P-s-Tf Specific Transformations in a 5-Point / Pentangle
5P-s-Tf1   5P-Line of Involution Centers
5P-s-Tf2   5P-Line of Involutary Conjugates
5P-s-Tf3   5P-Orthopole
5P-s-Tf4   5P-Orthopolar Line

8P-s      Specific Centers in an 8-Point / Octangle
8P-s-P1   8P-Cayley-Bacharach Point